From End to End: Dominating the Field with the 2 End Zones Possession Practice

In the ever-evolving world of football, one constant remains: the pursuit of excellence through thoughtful, dynamic training sessions. Welcome to a football practice session that transcends the ordinary, a session meticulously designed to foster player development, tactical acumen, and teamwork.

This practice session requires a balance of skill and strategy. In the spirit of this blog, we delve into a captivating possession game, where ten players are encouraged to be creative, orchestrating their moves with precision.

Join us as we explore the nuances of this football experience, where the journey toward mastery begins.

End to end possession practice!

Session Plan: Possession Game with End Zones


Prepare an area suitable for a minimum of 10 players, with designated end zones at each end of the playing field.


In this practice, a minimum of 10 players is required, with two players positioned inside the end zones, serving as targets for the players in the central area.

  • The two players located within the end zones actively participate in the possession game, contributing to their team’s ball movement.
  • Emphasize quick ball circulation among the players in the end zones.
  • Create various scenarios to influence the objectives of the practice.


Introduce variations to enhance the learning experience:

  • Implement a “pressing trigger” mechanism where one of the end zone players can enter the central area when pressed by an opponent. Following engagement, they should rotate with a player from the central group, fostering dynamic movement and adaptability within the game.

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The sessions are from Mark Higginbotham, a coach with a range of qualifications from many different football authorities such as the English Football Association, NSCAA, National Federation of High Schools and the AYSO.
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