Dominate the Field with Central Square 5v2/5v8 Transition Game

In this practice we look at a transition game that features a 5v2 rondo in the central square that then breaks out into a 5v8 outside the square when the defenders win possession.

It is a great game that I believe your players will get a lot out of and enjoy, checkout the rundown of how to implement this practice below!

Setup: create a smaller square within another area where a 5v2 takes place. Outside have 6 players who will play for the other team when they win the ball


The game begins with the team in yellow who look to keep possession of the ball in a 5v2 situation. The team in possession will earn 1 point for every 5 successful passes (this also applies for the team outside the area). If the team inside the square lose possession the 2 defenders will play the ball to their teammates outside the square and look to keep the ball. Whenever the ball is turned over, the team who lost possession must allow the ball to transition to the other area before trying to win it back.

Key points;

  1. Can you make the area as big as possible?
  2. Can you find the spare player?
  3. Can you move the ball quickly?
  4. Are you making sure that you are playing in the future (scanning/searching for the next move)?


  1. one player from the outside can pressure a player in the smaller square if they see a ‘trigger’. A pressing trigger is when the player in possession makes either a mistake, poor 1st touch, heavy pass or 1st touch etc.

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